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Performance Training for Wedding Entertainers


Class of 2012 EV World Headquarters, Minneapolis, MN

Participant comments

“If you're reading this, and are on the fence about taking an upcoming workshop from Bill and Jason (any workshop really), STOP thinking about what it might do for you. START thinking about what it will do for your clients. Speaking from experience, I can give you examples of how this has effected what my clients receive from me.”

David Ternier

Virden, Manitoba, Canada

"Thank you Bill Hermann & Jason Jones! My first wedding back after EE was a huge success! I had more people come up and give me compliments than any other event I've ever done! Not only that, but the compliments included more WOW than ever! Taking EE was one of the best decisions I've ever made as an entertainer because it makes what I do better and will make bookings easier! I can't wait for the next event to try even more things!"

Kevin Croucher – Lexington, KY

Truly honored to be a part of The Entertainment Experience! Great to see other ideas from a different view points and creating extra special moments for our brides and grooms. It was also great to meet the other entertainers that truly care about their couples and their profession as entertainers. Thank You Bill and Jason! If you haven't taken this workshop, what are you waiting for? Seriously, YOU owe it to yourself and your clients! I challenge you as a entertainer to take it to the next level! Hope to see you at the next Entertainment Experience!

Jason Yoshino

Energy Productions and Sioux Empire Wedding Network

Sioux Falls, SD

Bill Hermann and Jason Jones' workshop was excellent. Though in the business for over 2 decades, it was easy to see that I still have much to learn.

Their approach was easy and informative, and very moving.

Thanks guys!!!

Bryan Podworny

Expressions Entertainment

Brandon, Manitoba CA

No lovefest but.... YOU guys are allowing us to treat this as a profession... Your willing to put your time in to SHARE with others who are willing to be coached, to be pushed, and to be critiqued by peers... YOUR being kind to share your passion, your approach.. We're kind enough to go and be mentored. You could just keep this knowledge to yourself.. but you don't, you give and you enhance our craft
That's pretty good copy if I do say so myself:)

Chris Hintz

Pinnacle Productions

Sioux falls, SD

Class of 2011  Minneapolis, MN

Class of 2012 Las Vegas, NV

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Class of 2011 Chicago, IL

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