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The Power to Create Audio Book

The Entertainment Experience audio book covers the main concepts of the Seminar.  In this audio book you will learn the power of using staging and transitions.  You will learn how thinking of your event as a story can enhance the experience of the guests.  And finally how attention to your performance can elevate your A game to a place you never imagined it could be.  Bill shares examples of all of these things and will leave you with ideas you can apply at your next event.

What they are saying...

“I loved it. Lots of great nuggets. I love that you just hit record and started talking. It's not overly polished. It's the real Bill Hermann in thought/talking mode. Bravo!”

Brian Harris, Ohio

“it is a eye opener! if you think you know how weddings should be done, this will open your eyes to the new level of what we can do you make someones event the one they dreamed of!”

Ron Houk, Duluth, MN

I've been listening to the download you offered from the link you sent. It is amazing!  Listening to it at work and I found myself yelling out, "yeah"!  Thanks man!

Jim Horn, Gautier, MS


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Top 3 Ways to hold guests longer at your events!


In this hour long Webinar Bill and Jason discuss 3 proven ways to keep the guests at your events engaged so they will forget to make plans to leave.  Every Bride and Event Coordinator is afraid the event will fizzle at the end.  Here are 3 tools that you can use that you don’t even have to practice to make work for you at your very next event.  This is just a sampling of the Power of the Entertainment Experience Workshops now available

Only $24.95

Coming Soon